AT&T Synapse

AT&T Synapse® SIP gateway (SB67070)

If you are are looking to upgrade your existing phone system, we can ease you into a digital PBX IP phone system at great savings and minimal interruptions to your office. MCS Systems has been serving small medical and small professional offices in San Diego county for the last 18 years. We survey your present office phone needs and we then install AT&T’s Synapse system designed for SMB small businesses. We provide an optional maintenance plan that provides your office with live remote support and when needed, our techs quickly come on-site to fix the issues.

AT&T's Synapse system


  • The AT&T Synapse® SB67070 SIP Gateway supports up to 16 simultaneous SIP sessions (calls) and can register with up to four different service providers at the same time.
  • It integrates seamlessly into existing Synapse systems using the SB67010 Analog PSTN Gateway and the SB67060 T1/PRI Gateway.
  • Or, it can be used on its own and/or in conjunction with Synapse SIP Gateways at remote locations for interbranch calling.
  • It supports external calling for up to 100 extensions and offers full control over inbound call routing (with or without DID numbers), including configurable dial string rules for automatic route selection (ARS) and least cost routing (LCR).


Fidelity® SkyTalk certification

The Synapse SIP gateway is now certified with Fidelity SkyTalk SIP trunks.Fidelity has over 400 service locations throughout the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, so they can assist you wherever you are.

The AT&T Synapse® SB67010 Ethernet to Analog PSTN Gateway


  • The AT&T Synapse® SB67010 Ethernet to Analog PSTN Gateway supports 100 extensions and four analog phone line connections.
  • Combine four Gateways to support up to 16 lines.
  • This Gateway is 1u rack-mountable, comes with a built-in auto attendant and provides a standard phone connection for power-failure bypass.
  • The SB67010 takes conventional PSTN phone lines meaning you never lose your telephone lines due to your internet connection being down.
  • No more answering machines. Instead you get a professional Auto-Attendant system that directs callers to their proper phone extensions. The system can handle up to 4 Auto-Attendants allowing you to run multiple businesses or departments from one office.
  • Each user’s extension gets their personal voice mail when they’re away from their desk. Or better, they can have the call forwarded to a portable headset or cordless handset and even to their personal cell phone. How about forwarding the message to your email as a sound file that you can playback anytime. Wow!
  • Portable Headset,Cordless Handset.
  • More features: Music-on-Hold. Paging systems. Company-wide shared contacts directory. And more.